Clearance And Hedge Trimming

Our hedge trimming service is very popular in Bristol and we regularly maintain hedges all types of hedges across Bristol.

Services include trimming, pruning, reducing and replacing.

Precision is the key

When it comes to overgrown hedge trimming and reduction, precision is key. Our teams are trained professionals and specialise in dead hedge removal, overgrown bushes and hard to reach hedge cutting.

We love a challenge

We are aware that hedge trimming is often required in extreme circumstances. With some hedges being neglected for years we can also reduce your hedge to maintainable height, we can also totally remove the hedge and replant a new one.

By keeping your hedges in check you will avoid disputes with neighbours, local councils and highway authorities as well as benefiting your local community.

Our work is clean

We always clear up afterwards, including sweeping and blowing pavements and driveways and we dispose of the hedge trimmings in an environmental and responsible way.

We do care about the environment

We always tip our green waste responsibly at the Bristol Council Commercial Waste Management Centre in Avonmouth.

Need some help with clearing your garden?

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