Please see our list of garden services and for more information about our practices below:


We offer all aspects of gardening services from our RHS level 2 certified gardeners. Whether it’s maintenance on a regular basis or for us to just come as a one to get your garden back under control, we can help.

Hedge trimming

We offer hedge trimming and reducing for every kind of hedge no matter the type, height, volume, length or shape. We use precision and modern equipment for those hard to reach areas leaving you with perfect results and we leave the area clean and tidy on completion.

Garden reductions

No matter how long your grass is, how big your trees and shrubs have got or how en-gulfed you are in brambles, we have the most powerful equipment available to make light work of any challenge. We can remove all the waste produced from the property so you are only left with the garden you want.

Waste removal

We are licensed to remove and responsibly tip all non hazardous waste in your gar-den. All tipping charges are included in our prices.

More about us

We always clear up afterwards, including sweeping and blowing pavements and driveways and washing down muddied areas on completion of landscaping projects. We dispose all waste produced responsibly. We buy all of our equipment new and keep everything well maintained and serviced to meet your highest standards every time. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure our project environment is safe and is of minimal impact for you and your neighbours. We are courteous and approachable because we understand the importance of respecting your neighbour. This year we are investing in battery powered Stihl equipment so we can offer the same efficient gardening services but without the noisy petrol powered engines.

Need some help with clearing your garden?

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