Tree Services

Trees are one of Mother Nature’s countless gifts. Asides beautifying our world, they purify the air around us, cool the environment in the warmer seasons and break the biting cold winds when winter comes knocking. Trees also provide shade, privacy and can significantly increase the value of your property.

At Bristol’s Finest Grass, we understand that every tree is different from the next and each requires special attention and that is why we have a dedicated team of trained experts who use the very best equipment to deliver a world class service that will leave you with a huge smile.


Is there a tree in your home that keeps interfering with wires, blocking windows, chimneys or other building facades? Our exclusive pruning service is just what you need to get that tree back in line.


For those trees with broken branches and dead or weak limbs, our team will carefully remove these selected branches thereby creating more space for light to come through and also increasing the tree’s resistance to harsh weather.


Let us help you reduce the size of that overgrown tree in your yard today. We can give you a lot more yard space and bring your dream landscape design closer to reality all without affecting the health of the tree.


Those low hanging branches that keep getting in the way don’t have to be there when you wake up tomorrow. Bristol’s Finest Grass will remove these selected branches and increase access to walkways, driveways thereby making mowing a lot easier.


Bristol’s Finest Grass has a notorious reputation for creating the most exotic, ornamental and decorative shapes out of trees, hedges and shrubs. Give us a try today and let us blow your mind.


We don’t just study the soil, location, weather and adjacent spaces; we have the best planting techniques and strategic placement that will ensure the rapid growth and long term survival of the trees we will plant for you.


As much as we love trees, we also understand that sometimes tress just have to go. At Bristol’s Finest Grass, we consider proximity to home, power lines and septic tanks to ensure no damage is done to your precious yard while we carefully remove your trees.

Stump Grinding

Those old and ugly tree stomps can pose a very serious tripping hazard to children and adults alike. They even pose danger to nearby trees, plants and homes as they invite fungi and pests such as termites and carpenter ants. Our tree stomping equipment is very powerful and can reduce any size of stump into a small heap of wood shavings which we can also dispose of if you have no use for it.

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