Tree Services

At Bristol’s Finest Grass, we understand that every tree is different from the next and each requires special attention. That is why we have a dedicated team of trained and qualified tree surgeons who use the very best equipment to deliver a first class service.


Is there a tree in your home that keeps interfering with wires, blocking windows, chimneys or other building facades? Our exclusive pruning service is just what you need to get that tree back in line.


For those trees with broken branches and dead or weak limbs, our team will carefully remove these selected branches thereby creating more space for light to come through and also increasing the tree’s resistance to harsh weather.



Reducing your tree is a great option if you want to give a good look and tidy-up to your garden. It will bring more light, clear the space of your garden and define it with a tidy look. Reducing your tree will not only get give a new look to your garden, with many tree’s it will also keep maintain the health of your trees so they keep blooming.


We offer an assessment and planting service by our experienced RHS qualified gardener to ensure your garden thrives all year round.


Bristol’s Finest Grass has a notorious reputation for creating the most exotic, ornamental and decorative shapes out of trees, hedges and shrubs. Give us a try today and let us blow your mind.

Stump Grinding

⇨ Tree stumps can be unsightly so if you wish to make your garden safe, prettier and healthier, we can remove tree stumps using specialised tools. There are many benefits to removing tree stumps for your garden. Tree stumps can invite unwanted species into your garden or they can also grow fungi, which can be dangerous for pets and small children.


As much as we love trees, we also understand that you may want to cre-ate more space, reduce risk to foundations. Perhaps they are a risk due to disease or old age. We are qualified to fell and remove any tree that needs removing.

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